Social Media Is Not Enough

to Maximise your MarketAbility

A book containing 1000+ tips for promoting yourself as a professional and building a more profitable practice – things to do that rely on the individual’s personal actions – what you say or do.

  • A toolbox of ideas and topics for the time-poor person
  • The essence of professional success
  • Insights into the delivery of the technical side of professional services

Why is this book worth reading?

  • Know what to do and say in front of prospects
  • Work on a program of 20 tips a week and cover off a year of personal development
  • Have greater confidence in marketing yourself
  • Gain the knowledge to develop a marketing plan and the skills to actually implement the plan
  • Increase repeat business, more new work and greater profitability

by Mark Vincent & Margot de Groot

Published 14 April 2016