Social Media is Not Enough provides an extremely powerful framework in which to comprehensively address the needs of every professional – whether you are an early careeer professional who is ambitious and wanting to get ahead or a seasoned professional. It helps the reader effortlessly deal with the problems professionals commonly confront in marketing themselves and their firm.

This book will be your essential go-to guide for attracting and retaining clients, developing your professional profile and working profitably. It gives you comprehensive checklists to:

  • remind you of the vital issues you need to consider
  • alert you to potential pitfalls
  • give you key insights to Maximise your MarketAbility

When you are working in a professional environment, it is sometimes difficult to remember what you should never forget. Social Media is Not Enough has been designed to ensure this does not happen to you. You will even find templates to enable you to efficiently utilise many of the core ideas and guidance this book contains.

The book addresses the problem of knowing how to market yourself when you were never trained to do so, but expected to know how to. It does this in a unique way, as a series of digestible tips that are practical and organised in a format so that the reader does not have to read an entire book.

What makes this book different from other books on the topic of marketing of professional services?

  • Focus on personal attributes/actions – what to say, how to act and mistakes to avoid
  • Tips that are succinct, practical, not common but common sense
  • Can be skimmed for the essence, or read in greater depth
  • Integrates the skills to develop business with the plan to ensure effective implementation
  • Helps you to know what to say in awkward moments
  • It provides the right words – not robotic, it has an ‘everyman’ feel
  • Shows you how to avoid losing opportunities through not knowing what to do or how to react
See what people are saying about this book:

"This is a must read bible for seasoned professionals and new recruits alike. It contains tried and true tips and techniques for success and valuable templates to help put the advice into practice. This no-nonsense guide should be kept on the desktop as a ready reference to ensure steps are taken every day to maintain your marketability."

Helen BeslyManaging Director of Rowland a leading communication, digital and creative agency, Fellow PRIA, Fellow AIM, Member ACID and Member Chief Executive Women

"What has taken me 40 years in practice to learn and experience is contained in this extraordinarily detailed, insightful yet readable book. So much of it 'strikes a chord'. I only wish it was around when I started practising. It should be compulsory reading for all professionals."

Don Boydformer Deputy Global Chief Executive, Norton Rose Fulbright

"The authors have done an excellent job of encapsulating the essentials of professional services marketing, in a way that will, and should, become a go-to resource for both firms and individuals. No matter how successful you or your business is, it never hurts to remember why or how you got there and what's important from a client's perspective."

Tony SchiffmannBoard Member - BDO International Limited