Selling is not a dirty word

Love it or hate it. The fact is: Your business can only thrive when you sell something. While the idea of selling can make some professionals feel uncomfortable, selling is simply a conversation between you and a prospect to determine whether there is mutual benefit in working together. It is not persuasion. “It’s no different […]

Client Compatibility

Margot de Groot We often underestimate the lifetime value of our clients. Do a quick calculation of how much you have earned in fees from your best clients. And you’ll see for this reason alone, why developing good client relationships should be a priority if you want to retain them. Build compatibility On a personal […]

Cut down for cut through: simplify speeches to strengthen impact

Mark Vincent It does not matter what profession you are in, a good presentation must change the listeners’ actions or attitudes. And in our experience the simpler the structure of the speech the stronger the impact. Too many speeches delivered by professionals contain too much information and the audience drowns in content. The hallmark of […]

Critical Responses to Criticism

Mark Vincent. For many professionals, criticism is a daily way of life.  In our experience, some people let unnecessary criticism weigh them down and criticism can be one of the most common causes of stress. There are, however, some actions you can take to remove the sting from the criticism directed at you by staff, […]

Are you at the cutting edge of your profession?

Margot de Groot. Capability is what your client is buying from you. In fact, your capability should be the starting point for all marketing activities. But beware! Your expertise can quickly become outdated if you don’t stay ahead of the game. A personal development plan will give you focus What do you do when you […]