Our Seminars

Reputation Depends on Relationships

Your firm’s reputation, and success, depends on positive relationships.  The personal relationships that your staff form with clients are as important as the professional relationships.

Trust sits at the centre of any relationship. A client’s trust is a result of your people:

  • adopting a positive attitude
  • striving to understand each client’s specific needs
  • communicating clearly, concisely and courteously
  • adding exceptional value wherever possible.

Our Programs

Mark and Margot have designed, and successfully conducted, a series of programs that provide professionals with critical communication and marketing skills that will ensure your people talk more confidently about your firm, encourage them to develop their client base, and ensure that clients leave with a positive impression after every interaction.

The programs include:

  • The Role of the Staff in the Marketing of the Firm
  • Secure More Referrals Now
  • Building Profitable Client Relationships
  • Networking for Success
  • Personal Selling Strategies for Professionals
  • Talking about Fees with Confidence.

The Offer

These programs are specifically tailored for professional service firms, and have been rigorously trialled to ensure your people receive practical and actionable advice.  Comprehensive sets of tips, tools and tactics are provided so participants can easily draw on their new-found skills long after the workshop.  We also offer coaching phone advice on marketing, communication or client relationships.

Program 1 – The Role of the Staff in the Marketing of the Firm

A one-day interactive programme that delivers a toolbox of techniques for staff to contribute more confidently to the marketing of your firm.

Word of mouth endorsement is the key to the marketing of your firm.  It is largely driven by five words “Do you know a good… lawyer/accountant/planner etc?”

Your people are the key to your firm’s marketing effectiveness – not your website, your firm’s brochure or your forays into social media.  Our program has been successfully implemented in practice management programs, in seminars and in partner retreats across Australia.

From this one-day interactive program your team learns:

  • What marketing really involves
  • The importance of their role in the marketing of the firm
  • Methods to build instant rapport with clients and prospects
  • Communication skills to deal with a range of situations and personalities
  • Ways to exceed clients’ expectations.

Program 2 – Secure More Referrals Now

A half-day seminar to develop skills and confidence to build your business through referrals.

 Referrals are the lifeblood of any professional service firm yet few professionals are confident in seeking referrals. With a system, and practice, securing referrals can become second nature for professionals, generating significant business opportunities.

Participants learn:

  • The importance of referrals as a key marketing tool
  • The 4 Rs of referrals
  • Ways to confidently generate referrals
  • Approaches for acknowledging and following up referrals
  • How to effectively implement a referral system.

Program 3 – Building Profitable Client Relationships

A one-day program to help professionals understand their clients’ attitudes, tailor communications and meet the demands of some of the most challenging clients.

In order for any professional practice to be profitable you must focus on the client relationship. Your capability, visibility, accountability and compatibility with your clients all drive repeat business and referrals.

Participants learn:

  • Understanding the four cornerstones of client relationships
  • Exploring each client’s social style and needs
  • Delivering exceptional service
  • The rules for effective communication
  • Handling tough situations and difficult client behaviours

Program 4 – Networking for Success

A half-day program.  The charm school for professionals.  This program coaxes participants out of their introverted ways and demonstrates how to confidently interact with prospective clients in a variety of professional networking settings.

Networking raises awareness.  How well you network raises your profile. Social gatherings, lunches, dinners and conferences all provide opportunities for networking but it’s not just about ‘working the room’.  Networking is much more than mingling and small talk.

This program shows participants how to more effectively:

  • Connect with prospects
  • Mingle and converse at networking events
  • Use LinkedIn more effectively
  • Make the most of seminars and conferences
  • Host or attend business lunches and dinners
  • Follow up contacts.

Program 5 – Personal Selling Strategies for Professionals

A half-day program that encourages participants to take on the challenge of selling themselves and the firm in a systematic and professional way, backed up by sound research.

 It has often been said that ‘Nothing happens in business until someone sells something’.  Selling is not a term that sits easily with professionals yet it’s a skill that makes a huge difference to business development.  The program is particularly suited to professionals who deal with corporate clients.

This program aims to teach participants:

  • Prospecting to identify and meet potential clients
  • Sensible ways for securing appointments with targeted prospects
  • Ways to S.C.O.P.E the client’s needs
  • Ways to S.O.F.T.E.N the sell
  • How to cross-sell to, and with, colleagues.

This program combines well with Program 2 – Secure More Referrals Now – to provide a comprehensive overview of how to successfully nurture and grow a client base.

Program 6 – Talking about Fees with Confidence

A half-day program designed to ensure that talking about fees will never again be the challenge it once might have been.

It’s a reality. Professionals don’t feel comfortable talking with clients about fees. Many find it difficult to justify their service or charge out rate. And, of course, knowing when to discuss fees is as important as knowing how to talk about fees and charges.

The key elements of this program include:

  • Reframing the professional’s attitude towards fees
  • Confidently discussing fees with a client or prospect
  • Handling fee resistance and objections
  • Knowing how to increase fees and avoid a client backlash
  • Hints for invoicing and speeding up debt collection.

What participants are saying about our programs

“Gets you to think about how to handle certain situations – this will be beneficial when those situations arise.”

“I’m in the early stages of my working career so the information I have learnt will reduce my learning curve greatly.”

“I think the checklists and practical tips were very good.”

“Practical tips to overcome some of the awkwardness associated with marketing.”

“Best course I’ve ever done in terms of practical application.”

“Learned about new (fantastic) ways of dealing with difficult clients.”

“Great variety of tools and very good back-up material.”

The ‘black book’ of techniques and activities is very helpful and will be referred to quite a lot I’m sure.”

For more information about these programs and details of fees please contact:

Jill Shanahan

Phone: +61 7 3391 3699
Email: admin@insightplus.com.au